Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break!

Mesa Verde National Park

I've never seen as many aspen tress as there are in this area, can't wait to see them in the summer and when they turn colors in the fall!

Old Mining remnants along Million Dollar Highway

Another door pic. to add to my collection


China Clipper, Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. Very enjoyable, great people.

Looking out over my new favorite town, Ouray, CO

Silverton Railroad Depot

Hot Springs

Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Gifts!

The onslaught has begun. The Christmas stuff is everywhere in the stores. But I happily cruise on by the aisles filled with ornaments and fake trees and other adornments for the season. I choose not to have a tree and therefore free myself from all the other accoutrements. This is an easy decision that can be carried through easily because it does not usually involve other people. (i.e. people don't buy each other Christmas trees for Christmas) I can't tell you how free I felt walking past the aisles knowing I don't need that and all I did to change that "need" was make a simple independent choice.
Now the problem. I can't seem to convince people to stop giving gifts for Christmas! I would just like to be able to enjoy being together without the gifts. I would rather spend time and energy cooking, eating, and doing activities together without any attachment to gift giving.
The only concession I could give in to would be to have a "homemade" only gift giving exchange. But then again, you might just get something really awful that you Really don't need!
The one thing we do need is a "new" car. Maybe I could post a "donate now!" button on my blog so, if people really feel the need to give me something they can give to the goal of buying a newer car instead.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Keba’s Daily Life in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO-Glacier Basin Campground

My first day in RMNP, First things first, I just had to have a place where I could watch outside. Boy that was a crazy twisting road to get here, I’m lucky I didn’t get car sick! No signs of altitude sickness yet.
Food. Check. Water. Check. All is well. Will stay here a few minutes before investigation every nook and cranny of the house.

Boy. I think the altitude is making me very sleepy.

Daily exchange with Borry, simple morning conversation over a cup of tea.

Wait, what is that!?

Interesting… water seems to come from this thing.

I have settled into my position as RMNP Junior Ranger Kitty. My daily duties include keeping an eye on what is happening out in front of the campground. With my foot on the phone I am always prepared to put the call in to dispatch if need be.

It is summer after all, so I do get a little sunbathing in. Man I love this weather, so glad I am not in Ft. Collins for the summer. It’s nice having a summer home.

My focused face. Gotta keep an eye on these large strange animals. (Elk!)

Ooops! Borry caught me sneaking out of the cupboard. I was just investigating a noise.

Boy, I’m pooped, it’s tough being a RMNP Junior Ranger Kitty!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov. 29

Mom and Dad visit for a week before Thanksgiving. We had fun (I think!) snowshoeing and roaming around Fort Collins, Boulder, etc. We had Thanksgiving dinner (in the hotel!... which happens to be bigger than our apartment :)

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Twin Sisters Peaks Hike 10/16

Sunrise from the top of the parking garage

Fall Colors

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some more pictures from this summer

Have you ever lain in a field of glacier lilies? Delicious to eat in its entirety as well! The leaves are fresh the flowers sweet. Yum.

Gotta do the picture at the sign, Dharma our friend from the Peace Corps came to visit.

Flower on top of a mountain, things can grow anywhere!

Looking down at surrounding mountains from the top of Rising Wolf.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tour De Fat!

Tour De Fat Stage, good fun

Cool Bike

The crowd building before the parade started, it stretched so far back, but we were at the front. Notice the pink gorilla!

Me in my fairy, hippie, something er rather getup.

Two friends meeting at my house before the parade. I thoght they looked like a strange album cover pic.